A New Standard of Radiation Treatment

Technology Overview

AlignRT® is the premier SGRT (Surface Guided Radiation Therapy) technology. AlignRT helps set up and monitor patients during radiation treatment with sub-millimeter accuracy, without requiring permanent tattoos or additional radiation exposure. 9 out of the top 10 US News & World Report “Best 50 hospitals for cancer” use AlignRT

If you lose your breath or move out of the desired position during the treatment, AlignRT will automatically pause the radiation beam and alert your therapist immediately to help reposition you.

A tattoo-less and mark free treatment approach A New Approach Using Virtual Tattoos AlignRT projects a special light onto your skin, acting like thousands of virtual tattoos. Cameras then create real-time 3D models of your body into a software program that not only helps place you in the correct position prior to the treatment, but also monitors your positioning with sub-millimeter accuracy during the treatment.

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