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Patient Support Services

A cancer diagnosis can create stress and uncertainty for both patients and families. With BASS Cancer Center’s Patient Support Services, you won’t face these challenges alone.

Whether you have questions about your diagnosis, concerns about treatment or need recommendations for support programs, our staff will be there for you through every step of your journey. Our Patient Services Support is an important part of your care plan, helping you work through life’s challenges so you can get the treatment you need.

Cancer patient support services

We're here to support you throughout your cancer journey

At BASS Cancer Center, our staff is always available to answer questions, connect you with the right people, offer supportive resources and follow you on your journey. We are expert who understand your diagnosis, treatment options and individual needs. Our staff will help you ask the right questions and can anticipate problems to help you stay on track throughout your treatment.

How can we support you on your Cancer journey?

Our staff will answer your questions and connect you with the care and resources you need within BASS Medical Group and across the Bay Area. They help you access support from your doctors, health system and community.

Our staff will support you with:

Guide and advocate for your care during your treatment
Learn about you and your preferences to customize your care
Identify tools and resources to help you complete treatment
Teach you about your diagnosis, treatment and potential side effects
Connect you with your healthcare team and community
Make recommendations to other healthcare professionals on your behalf
Promote healthy lifestyle choices and self-care
Provide emotional support and guidance during treatment

Throughout your journey, we will be by your side. Challenges with finances, child care or transportation should never keep you from finishing treatment, and our staff will be ready to find you the help you need.

Multilingual Support: Ensuring Quality Care for Every Patient

At BASS Cancer Center, we believe that effective communication is a cornerstone of quality care. Therefore, we are proud to offer comprehensive translation services for patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. From the moment of check-in through every stage of cancer treatment, our trained interpreters work alongside our medical professionals to ensure that every patient fully understands their care plan and can communicate seamlessly with their healthcare team. This commitment to linguistic inclusion underscores our dedication to providing compassionate and personalized care to all patients, regardless of language barriers.

Reasons to contact patient support:

  • You don’t understand your treatment plan
  • You can’t remember your appointments or need help re-arranging your appointments
  • You’re not sure who to call, but have questions about your care
  • You need help communicating your preferences to your physician
  • You need access to supportive resources or services like transportation, support groups, financial counseling, etc.
  • You are struggling with things that interfere with your cancer treatment
  • You are experiencing distress related to your cancer diagnosis or treatment
Finance Options

Understanding your insurance coverage and financial resources

When you're diagnosed with cancer, the financial burden can be daunting. Even if your health insurance covers some aspects of treatment it might not cover everything- and who wants to deal with that? To help ease this burden we're sharing a very useful resource, put together by, to learn more about the options available to you as you navigate your treatment.

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