Surface Tracking Platform

Technology Overview

SimRT™ is a standalone surface tracking platform for CT sim, which allows regions of a patient’s surface to be tracked in real-time, using a centrally-positioned 3D camera. A key feature of the SimRT™ is the Tracking Point Selection from Control Room, which allows for rapid optimization of tracking point, for faster workflow, minimal patient distraction pre-scan, so breathing is undisturbed, easy, fast identification of “belly breathers” to ensure an efficient evaluation of the patient.

The Ceiling Mounted Camera allows for no physical marker, block or belt needed – no physical distraction for patients, no skin deformation, no inaccurate block placement, and nothing to clean. This feature allows for the experience to be completely non-invasive and non-ionising motion monitoring. The mounted camera also ensures a quick and efficient setup that doesn't require any additional equipment to be setup for each patient.

The real time coaching display coaches the patient on breathe-hold level and offers a simple and intuitive feedback for patients to make real time adjustments as needed to ensure the best quality evaluation.

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