Inez Wondeh, MPA, MBA

Chief executive officer


Inez Wondeh is the President and Chief Executive Officer of BASS Medical Group (BASS), one of the largest independent medical groups in Northern California with over 500 providers and 42 specialties Inez is an experienced healthcare chief executive with more than 25 years in the industry, she has been the architect of the company’s growth strategy. Her accomplishments include the creation of a cancer center, imaging, laboratory, urgent care and three surgery centers.

Inez was appointed to her role as CEO in 2018, after she held the position of Chief Operating Officer for four years. Dr. Gregory Rhodes, Founder and Board President stated, “Inez has been a key architect of the company’s rapid growth strategy at BASS. Her vision, strategy, and track record of delivering results are exactly what BASS needs,”According to Dr. Merkow, Neurosurgery Division, “Her bold vision and passion for healthcare are major driving forces behind the successful expansion of BASS. We physicians, many of whom she recruited, are excited for her leadership as CEO.”

Inez’s drive and vision have led her to be a co-founding member of MiPHR, a mobile application company focused on the prevention of pre-diabetes by partnering with providers to stop the complications and deadly disease of diabetes.