BASS Medical Group Joins Forces with Cancer Support Community to Create New Partnership to Increase Support to Cancer Patients and Families

March 21, 2023
BASS Medical Group Joins Forces with Cancer Support Community to Create New Partnership to Increase Support to Cancer Patients and Families

WALNUT CREEK, March 9, 2023: Developed by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network––an alliance of 32 leading cancer centers devoted to patient care research, and education––this new screening tool is designed to look for evidence of psychological, social, spiritual, and physical criterion that may affect one’s ability to cope effectively with cancer, its physical symptoms, and its treatment. “As the number of cancer patients continue to increase, it is vital that we offer not only high-quality medical care but also comprehensive support,” explains Inez Wondeh, MPA, MBA, Chief Executive Officer of BASS Medical Group, “It was really important to us to develop a streamlined process to better address our patient’s needs and partnering with Cancer Support Community, who already provides excellent psychosocial services for patients and families at no cost, was a natural fit. This will make an incredible impact for our patients.”

BASS Cancer Center, a division of BASS Medical Group, has partnered with Cancer Support Community San Francisco Bay Area (CSC) to develop an automated patient screening process to identify and refer patients at an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and stress to free mental health services provided by Cancer Support Community.

Now integrated into BASS Cancer Center’s electronic medical record system, this new referral process will automatically provide patients with information for CSC’s services when they indicate an increased risk of mental and emotional stress related to their cancer diagnosis.

“As many as three out of every four cancer survivors experience symptoms of psychological distress which can negatively impact clinical outcomes and quality of life. Unfortunately, fewer than 10% of patients are referred for support by their medical team. The lack of support is even more pronounced among cancer patients from communities of color and those who have lower incomes as well as older adults,” says Rob Tufel, MSW, MPH, Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Support Community.” CSC Board Member, Patricia Falconer, MBA, notes that “40% of Cancer patients experience financial hardship as a result of their diagnosis. This unique collaboration between CSC and community-based cancer providers is a model of how to increase patients’ access to vital support including financial assistance and navigation.”

About BASS Medical Group

BASS Medical Group is a multispecialty medical group with more than 400 providers and 40 specialists in the Bay Area and Central Valley. BASS has teamed up with leading oncology providers to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized care to the San Francisco Bay Area by way of the state-of-the-art Walnut Creek facility. Visit for more information.

About Cancer Support Community San Francisco Bay Area

Cancer Support Community (CSC) provides comprehensive, integrative care—including counseling, support groups, nutrition and educational programs, exercise classes, and emergency financial assistance—for people with cancer, their caregivers, and loved ones. Our evidence-based services enable cancer patients to partner with their medical teams to manage their treatment and recovery most effectively, increase their chances for survival, reduce their chances of recurrence, and provide for the highest possible quality of life. All CSC services are always provided free of charge. With centers in Walnut Creek and Antioch, as well as virtual programs, CSC serves more than 2,000 people annually. Visit for more information.