BASS Medical Group Opens State-of-the-Art Cancer Center in Walnut Creek, California

March 16, 2022
BASS Medical Group Opens State-of-the-Art Cancer Center in Walnut Creek, California

BASS Cancer Center brings innovative and comprehensive cancer care to patients in the East Bay

WALNUT CREEK, CA (March 16, 2022) - BASS Medical Group (BASS), a multi-specialty medical group with more than 400 providers across 40 specialties in the Bay Area and Central Valley, is pleased to announce the opening of the BASS Cancer Center in the heart of the East Bay. The 100,000 square foot center and supporting clinics combine personalized care and state-of-the-art technology in a comfortable setting for patients and their families.

The comprehensive cancer center, located at 575 Lennon Lane in Walnut Creek, is providing advanced cancer treatment in an approachable and easily accessible setting where patients can obtain a complete suite of cancer related care including medical oncology and infusion services, advanced radiation treatment options, PET and CT imaging, and patient support services.

“The BASS Cancer Center is transforming the way individuals and families receive specialized services by providing exceptional and collaborative cancer care that is more accessible than many traditional options patients have had,” said Inez Wondeh, Chief Executive Officer of BASS Medical Group. “Opening the doors of the BASS Cancer Center is an exciting day for everyone at BASS and for patients in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, as it provides residents from across the region access to the best cancer care available from the physicians in their communities. Many patients will no longer have to receive care at their physician’s office, then be sent to a cancer center where their physician may or may not practice. Because the BASS Cancer Center is integrated into a large multispecialty practice, all of the patients’ care will be provided within the same group of physicians who coordinate and treat all aspects of a patients’ cancer treatment.”

BASS Cancer Center has partnered with Contra Costa Oncology (CCO), a leading medical oncology practice that specializes in comprehensive cutting-edge treatment programs for all forms of cancer. As the medical oncology partner for the BASS Cancer Center, CCO’s highly trained, board-certified physicians and oncology nurse practitioners have the depth and expertise to address the wide array of concerns and challenges faced by oncology and hematology patients and their families.

The BASS Cancer Center houses unparalleled technology enabling the center to provide advanced care to all patients. This most notably includes BASS’ MRIdianTM System from ViewRay, the world’s first non-invasive MRI-guided therapy system that can image and treat cancer patients simultaneously while minimizing radiation exposure to normal tissue. The MRIdianTM System provides the best possible care while shortening treatment courses and improving patients’ quality of life. This system paired with the center’s other treatment options and suite of support services will allow BASS physicians to treat all aspects of a patients’ cancer diagnosis and help patients improve their health and begin to heal.

With innovative and specialized treatment options, the BASS Cancer Center now provides localized care to patients in the East Bay, while continuing to service patients throughout Northern California and the Central Valley.


Headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA, BASS Medical Group is the Greater Bay Area’s leading healthcare specialist provider. With more than 400 providers and 40 specialties, BASS is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care in a family setting. Currently, BASS operates 200+ locations throughout the Greater Bay Area, from the Central Valley to the North Bay. Known for operating smaller, independent physician-led practices, BASS offers personal, patient-focused comprehensive medical care and specialty services. For more information, visit


Contra Costa Oncology is a leading medical oncology and hematology practice with locations in Walnut Creek, Danville, and Rossmoor. CCO has 5 physicians and 4 oncology nurse practitioners that provide comprehensive medical oncologic care to their patients. CCO ensures its patients have the most sophisticated level of medical oncology and hematology care, while providing them with the utmost support, compassion, and respect. For more information, visit

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