Comprehensive Cancer Center Opening Soon in the East Bay

January 25, 2022
Comprehensive Cancer Center Opening Soon in the East Bay

In early 2022, cancer patients in Brentwood and the Delta Valley will have access to the most advanced cancer treatments in the nation – all without having to leave the East Bay. BASS Medical Group is nearing completion on a comprehensive cancer center that will care for patients during every step of their cancer journey.  

The facility, located in Shadelands Park at Lennon in Walnut Creek, will include radiation oncology, medical oncology, and PET/CT imaging. Additionally, it will offer support services for patients such as a nurse navigator program, nutrition and social work. “When patients hear the word ‘cancer,’ it brings stress, uncertainties, and many questions,” said K. Kenneth Chao, MD, Radiation Oncology Medical Director and board certified Oncologist. “Both my parents went through their own personal journey with cancer.  I understand going through treatment can be overwhelming, so it’s our mission to advocate and guide our patients through the entire process – in one location – after receiving the diagnosis and through treatment to survivorship. We are not just diseased-focused, we are human-focused.” Jesse Kaestner, BS, RT(T), Associate Director, Radiation Oncology and Medical Imaging, who will oversee operations at the Walnut Creek location, explained the strategic placement of the new cancer center.

“We chose Walnut Creek because of its accessibility to all parts of the East Bay, from the 580/680 corridor to Highway 4 to Brentwood, Oakley and Discovery Bay,” Jesse said. “We wanted to provide patients the most advanced technology available without them having to travel far.” Since BASS was founded in Walnut Creek, building its cancer center there was a logical choice. The doctors and staff are already involved and committed to the East Bay community. “Many of you are already being cared for by a BASS physician and/or surgeon. We are excited to grow BASS’s ability to offer greater comprehensive care by offering the highest standard of excellence in cancer treatment and the most powerful tools to our own community,” Jesse said. BASS Comprehensive Cancer Center will offer many state-of-the-art radiation therapy solutions and allow the doctors to tailor the best treatment to each individual’s needs. BASS is excited to be the first facility in the East Bay to introduce two advanced treatment technologies:  MR-Guided linear accelerator (ViewRay MRIdian®) and Surface Guided Radiation Therapy, SGRT (Vision RT AlignRT®).  

The entire repertoire enables BASS doctors to provide safer, more targeted and accurate radiation therapies without many of the risks or limitations of previous technologies. “We can potentially do things in the East Bay that no one here can say they have been able to do before with confidence,” Dr. Chao explained. “These technologies allow us to see the cancer in real time with the ability to adjust and adapt our treatments as patients move and breathe. In some cases, SGRT technology allows some patients the choice to forego having permanent tattoo marks on their skin. Having all these technologies in one place, allows us to pick the best option for each patient.” The center will offer treatment for all adult cancers, everything from lung, prostate, breast, colorectal, to less common cancers such as pancreatic and brain. The center will be staffed by board-certified radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, as well as administration and support service staff.

“It’s important to note that when you see a BASS health care provider, they’ll be the ones to take care of you through the entire journey,” Dr. Chao said. “It will never be a resident, medical student, intern, or rotating physicians. You will be seen and treated by doctors and nurses with cumulative decades of experience, and you’ll be able to know they have a continuum of care, knowing your medical history and treatment plan. It’s an ongoing relationship.

”BASS Medical Group is an independent, physician-led medical provider that started right here in the East Bay by doctors who wanted to do medicine differently. “We are like your neighborhood doctor,” Dr. Chao said. “Since we are not a large corporate institution, we have the ability to be individual-focused, nimble, compassionate and always put the patient and their family first.” BASS, which originally stood for Bay Area Surgical Specialists, started with 11 surgeons and has grown to 200 locations throughout the Greater Bay Area and the Central Valley. They now offer comprehensive care for everything from primary care to 42 specialty services, such as the cancer center. “It’s comprehensive and integrated care,” Jesse explained. “We can treat all needs within BASS, from annual physicals and preventative medicine to specialty care for all aspects of the body. ”BASS Comprehensive Cancer Center, located at 575 Lennon Lane in Walnut Creek, will open in the first quarter of 2022. For more information, call 925-954-6710.

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