New Cancer Center Announced in Walnut Creek

January 26, 2022
New Cancer Center Announced in Walnut Creek

BASS Cancer Center to provide comprehensive care to patients  and their caregivers in partnership with Contra Costa Oncology

WALNUT CREEK,CA (September 28, 2021) - BASS Medical Group (BASS), a multi-specialty medical group with more than 400 providers and 40 specialties in the Bay Area and Central Valley, today announced it is teaming up with leading oncology partners to bring comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized cancer care to the San Francisco Bay Area. Opening early 2022 in Walnut Creek, the BASS Cancer Center will provide a superior patient experience in a comfortable and approachable setting that brings medical oncology and infusion services, advanced radiation treatment options, PET/CT imaging, and patient support services into an integrated cancer center.  

“At BASS, we believe that patients and their families should expect the best cancer treatment options from the physicians in their community,” said Inez Wondeh, CEO of BASS Medical Group. “The BASS Cancer Center is being designed as an integrated multidisciplinary center to address the complex clinical needs that cancer patients have and is intended to exemplify how cancer care can be better. Between BASS’ multitude of medical and surgical specialties and the capabilities that our partners bring, we believe we will provide the best care possible to our patients.”

BASS is partnering with Contra Costa Oncology (CCO) to transform the way individuals and families receive specialized services by providing exceptional collaborative cancer care.

Founded by Michael P. Sherman, M.D., Ph.D., CCO is a leading medical oncology practice that specializes in comprehensive cutting-edge treatment programs for all forms of cancer. CCO is a natural complement to BASS given its decades of patient care in the San Francisco Bay Area, and its high level of commitment and dedication to its patients. As the medical oncology partner for the BASS Cancer Center, CCO’s highly trained, board-certified physicians and oncology nurse practitioners have the depth and expertise to address the wide array of concerns and challenges faced by oncology and hematology patients and their families.  

“When faced with cancer or a blood disorder, nothing is more important than comprehensive health care. CCO offers every patient just that, while ensuring the focus remains on the patient’s well-being,” says Dr. Sherman. “Each journey is different but there is one common, deeply woven thread—we create an atmosphere of peace, while providing cutting-edge treatment programs.”


Colin Construction Company, a leading health care construction company with deep expertise in designing and building cancer centers with advanced linear accelerators, has designed and is currently building the100,000 square foot cancer center and associated medical clinics for BASS. Located at 575 Lennon Lane in Walnut Creek, the cancer center will have two linear accelerator vaults, one of which will house BASS’ MRIdian™ System from ViewRay, which is the most advanced radiation therapy platform currently available.

“The MRIdian™ System is a non-invasive radiation therapy system that can image and treat patients simultaneously and optimize dose delivery to tumors while minimizing radiation exposure to normal tissue,” said Dr. Kenneth Chao, medical director of Radiation Oncology for BASS Medical Group. “The MRIdian™ System allows us to provide the best possible care by shortening treatment courses, achieving optimal patient outcomes and improving patients’ quality of life.”

With broad capabilities and treatment options, the BASS Cancer Center will serve patients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley and other regions within Northern California.